Shutting down the global child sex industry

What  makes you angry? What makes you say, “Someone needs to do something  about that”? Is it child trafficking? Abuse? Violence against women?  Poverty? Racism? Illiteracy? ____________? Fill in the blank.

Audacious equips  you to do something about whatever issue of injustice keeps you up at  night. Journalist Diana Scimone shares her story of traveling to India  on assignment and seeing cages that held 5-year-old girls trafficked for  sex. She couldn’t do anything to rescue those girls but she came up  with an audacious idea to reach other kids before the traffickers ever  got to them. Today more than 1,000 organizations have registered to teach her program in 65 countries.

“You have an audacious world-changing idea inside you, too,” Scimone says. 

Audacious helps you to:

  • Unlock your own audaciously big idea.
  • Discover the gifts God has given you.
  • Move your audacious plan and dream into reality.
  • Change the world—and your world—in the process.

Audacious gives you permission to be bold, brave, and brazen,” Scimone says. “In  fact it encourages it.” The world is waiting for you. Don’t disappoint  it.

Be audacious. Go change the world.


The bold, brave, brazen plan to shut down the global child sex industry
(c) 2013 by Diana Scimone
Peapod Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 978-0-9894591-1-2
184 pages
$16 paperback, $6.99 ebook

A portion of your purchase supports The Born2Fly Project to stop child trafficking (

Click cover to order on Amazon:
$16 paperback
$6.99 ebook
Click cover to order on Amazon: $16 paperback $6.99 ebook