Fun activities for kids based on the Born to Fly children's book


Butterfly pointer

On a long thin stick or thin wooden rod, glue these objects on it: cut-out or photo of butterfly about 4 inches from the end, a chrysalis (the proper name for a butterfly cocoon) further down, a caterpillar below that, and a tiny egg below that. You can find photos or drawings of these online.

Friendship Frame

Make a frame like the one you see at the beginning of Born to Fly. On a piece of paper, draw a large oval.. Inside it draw several of your best friends; these can be family members or people outside your family. You can include yourself in the picture, too, if you like. Then glue small twigs or cut yarn pieces to make a friendship frame around these true friends.

Thumbprint Caterpillars and Butterflies

Did you know that everyone’s fingerprints are unique? That means one-of-a-kind. Your fingerprints are a reminder that you are valuable and worth treasuring, different from every other human in the world and able to make special contributions to family and community and world. Use inkpads or markers to create thumbprints. To make caterpillars, press 4 or 5 thumbprints in a row; use crayons to draw feet, eyes, etc. To make butterflies, press 2 thumbprints side by side to make wings; use crayons to draw antennae, eyes, etc.

Secret Scroll

Create your own secret scroll like Popi’s. On it draw the symbols that Blossom drew, and then add others that have special meaning for you (something that represents a dream you have for yourself or reminds you of a life lesson you don’t want to forget). When your secret scrolls is complete, roll it up, wrap it in a piece of fabric (like Popi’s blanket), and tie it with yarn. 

Coloring pages

To print coloring pages, put your cursor on one of the drawings, right  click, and click on "copy image." Then open a blank word processing  document and click "paste." Repeat for each drawing. 

Coloring pages

 To print coloring pages, put your cursor on one of the drawings below, right click, then click on "copy image." Open a blank word processing document and click "paste." Repeat for each drawing. (Drawings by artist Leah Wiedemer, who illustrated Born to Fly.)  







Blossom's cocoon


Moonbeam tree


Blossom the butterfly